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Therapy doesn't have to be dry, one-sided, or gut-wrenching. I strive to listen deeply, to stay in the moment with you, to remember what you say, to ask the important questions, and to help you get where you want to be. Already in couples counseling? My approach to individual therapy can help you strengthen your own self as you figure out where your relationship is headed.

$140 / 60-minute session


Our relationships---the romantic, the familial, and the platonic---can offer the greatest of riches but also the deepest despair. I offer a systems approach to relationship conflict as well as a keen and compassionate ear for communication patterns that may be off-setting the balance between you and your dear ones.

Not sure how a relationship session would work? Contact me, and let's talk about it.

$175 / 75-minute session


Sometimes individuals and organizations find themselves in spaces where they need to talk with a professional about how to set priorities, how to address systemic or relationship concerns, or how to deal with career- or creativity-related issues. They want support and direction, but not necessarily an emotional deep dive. In these cases, I offer space and insight to help individuals or groups get where they're going with greater ease. 

Please contact for rates.

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